Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte

It was a Saturday morning in the city and I could not get out of bed.  It was apparent that I was coming down with an over dramatic cold, losing my voice and perhaps had too much wine at my girlfriends the night before  Read More

Passion Project

Often enough as young adults we are in search of a career path that will satisfy our parents, high school/college peers and friends.  Perhaps it’s a specific lifestyle that we’re seeking and want to establish an income that will maintain it.  But more often than not  Read More

The Art of No

Well 2017 has started with a tremendous amount of responsibility in our home. We are busier than we have ever been and are constantly looking at the family board, iPhone calendars and reminders to stay organized with our busy schedules. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining and understand that the majority of households can relate to the hectic nature of life. But I have decided to Read More

Keeping up with the Joneses 

There comes a point as we get older when we must put our childish ways behind us and transition into adulthood. This can be quite difficult for most as it is scary, tiresome and stressful at times.  We are forced to build happy homes, cook gourmet meals, Read More

The debt that changed my life

“Never let the lifestyle of others become your goal, make yourself the goal”

When my marriage ended, it was such an empowering moment.  I found the strength to walk away from  verbal and physical abuse, the stunting of my personal growth and resentment.  I was delusional, like the young women you see on ‘Judge Judy.’ Read More

My love affair with San Francisco

“The Cool, Grey City of Love.” (George Sterling)

My eyes were still damp with tears from a broken heart as the plane descended into the great city of San Francisco.  Having just ended a relationship back home, a part of me wanted to have the goodbye I felt I needed, but I booked a trip instead.  Typically I’m the first to say travel mends the broken heart and laughter fills the loneliness but I was unsure this time.  Read More